Mechanical processing
with ultra-modern technology

We offer you even the most complex processing of your aluminium profiles from a single source. On the one hand, we are able to offer cost-effective machining by means of automatic punching machines as well as precision machining at our modern CNC machining centres.

  • Sawing, also mitred
  • Blanking
  • Drilling
  • Thread cutting
  • Milling
  • Fettling
  • Barrel finishing
  • Bending
  • Thermal separation

Technical capacity:

  • Max. Working length
    with face machining: 6.890mm
  • Max. Working length
    without face machining: 7.300mm

Component assembly: On request, we can provide pre-assembled profiles,
making them entirely ready-to-use at the customer’s end.


Double miter saw Mecal SW 453 Reverse

Mecal SW 453

Electronic positioning of the units at any angle between 135 ° and 22.5 °

Pressta Eisele Saw Machine R600

Pressta R600

Large cutting range, max. 210 x 350 mm (height x width) Profile lengths from 10 mm

Pressta Eisele Circular Saw GS 550 Fix

Pressta GS 550

Max. profile width 350 mm, profile height 200 mm

DMG DMU 70 5-axle Milling Machine


Traverse path X / Y / Z mm
750 / 600 / 520 mm

Mecal MC304 Atlas-3

Mecal MC304

Traverse path X = 7430 mm


Elumatec SBZ151

Traverse path X = 7300 mm


We usually work with our
customers to develop special
aluminium profiles in the early
stages of development projects.


Die production

With our own CAD designers
and development engineers,
we are able to press profiles with
complicated cross-sections and ratios.

Die production

Aluminium extrusion

Every industry brings its own challenges,
which the employees at EXALPRO are
surpassing by developing new, customer-
specific aluminium profiles.

Aluminium extrusion