We show our profile
in aluminium

As a manufacturer of extruded aluminium profiles, we are convinced that our customers can only be completely satisfied if we meet your requirements for aluminium profiles with the requisite comprehensive performance.

For us, the needs of our customers are supreme. We attach great importance to the high expectations of our customers, particularly their potential buyers. In doing so, we claim a forward-looking way of thinking. Our foresight is an important foundation of our daily work
and is based on many years of experience.

At Exalpro, finding solutions is a habit!


While developing special aluminium profiles,
we work in close cooperation with our
customers, right from the early stages
of the development projects.


Die Production

Our own die production realises new dies
  within shortest time.


Extrusion Lines

We have 15 ultra modern extrusion
lines for almost unlimited options of
shaping with formidable precision.

Warehouse logistics

Our modern warehouses and
sophisticated transport logistics ensures
we are always capable of non-stop
aluminium profile production.